Acquiring the works of well-known foreign film and television companies, providing more than 700,000 data videos, giving advertising producers the most extensive video platform. The material content covers creativity, business, nature, life, and travel.

Fashion Show

Exclusively represented by European and American fashion catwalk shows, it offers nearly 400 high-definition fashion shows in early spring, early autumn, spring and summer, autumn and winter each year, covering cities such as New York, Milan, Paris and London.

Asian Entertaiment

Provide professional entertainment news videos of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, allowing you to immediately have access to entertainment and entertainment information in the Greater China area, over 15 Chinese entertainment videos and celebrity paparazzi every day.

West Entertaiment

Acting exclusively for news media of the U.S. and European News Agency, they have mastered the worlds first-hand information. The celebrities and current events, film and television singers, paparazzi gossip, film festivals, concerts, and press conferences are rich in content.

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